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The rainy seasons and extreme weather of the St. Charles area can often leave your lawn with too much or too little water. Both of these things are bad for your grass — too little water will leave your lawn dry and yellowing, but too much water will block off oxygen from the soil and choke your yard. It’s tough to keep your lawn in that just-right zone of water, especially with keeping excess water off your lawn.

Luckily, New Leaf holds the answers to your drainage issues! Not only will we repair your sprinkler systems to aid with irrigation, but we can install a number of different kinds of channels and drains to help your lawn wick away extra water! We’ll examine your landscape and install the drain best for you!

Professional Drain Installation Services in St. Charles, MO

Our Drainage Services

Catch Basins

Professional Catch Basin Drainage in St. Charles, MO

A catch basin is a large box placed underground to suck up standing water. This is great for low areas of your yard that get lots of water, so it can go straight to storm drains instead of getting stuck.

French Drains

Professional French Drain Installation in St. Charles, MO

If you wind up with a lot of water around your property line, it can damage your buildings over time. French drains will help divert groundwater to keep your foundation strong.

Downspout Drains

Professional Downspout Drain Installation in St. Charles, MO

Downspout drains help guide water off of your roof away from your property towards the street or a storm drain away from your home. Help get extra water off your roof and off your mind!

Dry Creeks

Professional Dry Creek Drain Installation in St. Charles, MO

A dry creek bed can be installed around your home so excess water coming towards your property line can be diverted into the ground. By building a rock bed, it can also improve the look of your landscape!

Our Installation & Drainage Difference

Water is something you become accustomed to quickly in the lawn and landscaping business. It’s an important part of lawn health, and when heavy rains come it can be difficult to manage on your own. No matter what kind of drain is right for you, here at New Leaf we will install it professionally to keep your lawn from drowning in rainwater. If you’re having issues with too little water, we will also look at and repair your existing sprinkler systems to give the water you need back to your lawn!

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