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For all of the lawn and landscape questions you have, New Leaf is the answer! Read on to see the services we can offer you!

Mowing & Maintenance

Professional Lawn Mowing Contractor in St. Charles, MO

Mowing your lawn can be a hassle, especially when it grows out of control. Not only is it hard to manage the large lawns we look for in homes, but grass can often grow out of the bounds of the lawn into cracks in the driveway, or over your patio. New Leaf has the solutions for you!

We’ll mow your lawn on a personalized schedule to help it always look clean and well-trimmed. Not only will we mow your lawn on time, but we’ll also handle the extra growing bits to keep your lawn in one clear place. Let your lawn be mowed by the experts!

Lawn Care

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the only thing you have to do to maintain your lawn is to mow and trim it. While cutting the grass is an important part, you may find your lawn still looks thin, yellowing, or bare in patches. Oftentimes, you need to utilize other techniques to have the thick, green, healthy lawns you see around the neighborhood.

Here at New Leaf, we can provide those with our top-quality lawn care services. Whether you need fertilization, aeration, or just a seasonal cleanup, we’ll take care of your lawn to help it look better than ever before.

Professional Lawn Care Services in St. Charles, MO


Professional Landscaping Services in St Charles, MO

Building a beautiful landscape is a tough job, but New Leaf knows how to do it! There’s an art to going the extra mile with your lawns and adding flowers, trees, and hedges, as well as trimming them to give a certain look. A landscape can add so much beauty to your lawn and property, but there are so many parts of creating that look that it can be hard to do alone.

Luckily, we have all of the tools you need to form your dream landscape. We’ll design it to your liking and install it with the sod, mulch, and flowers you need. We’ll trim your trees or remove them and their stumps! At New Leaf, we can handle whatever you need.

Irrigation & Drainage

Water is one of the most important things a plant needs, and your lawn is no exception. However, any plant owner knows too much water will choke your plants from the oxygen they also need, killing them off. Providing the right amount of water to your lawn is a difficult balance, but luckily New Leaf is here to help!

For your irrigation, we can maintain your sprinkler systems in order to make sure your lawn is getting water in all the right places. We’ll also install the drains or channels you need to divert excess water from storms away from sitting on your lawn. Start helping your lawn get the proper water amount!

Professional Drain Installation in St. Charles, MO

Commercial Maintenance

Professional Lawn Maintenance Services in St. Charles, MO

Your business can have a lot to maintain on its grounds. Your landscapes and lawns falling into disrepair can send a bad message to employees, clients, and visitors. It’s important to give your business property the same lawn and landscaping care you would give to your own house. New Leaf, as experts with both, can give your company the treatment it deserves!

Whether you need a regular mowing schedule, a landscaping redesign, or help with fertilizing, we have the know-how to help your business out. Make sure your lawn is as professional and well-maintained as your company!

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