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About Our Lawn Care Services

So you’re having your lawn mowed regularly, and the weather has been cooperating. Your lawn should look lovely. However, do you find yourself noticing yellowing grass, bare patches, or holes from bugs? Sometimes your lawn needs more care than just regular mowing. New Leaf can not only help with mowing but also with your lawn care.

We can fertilize and aerate your grass to keep it green, as well as execute a perfect plan for your weed control. Bugs and pests can be removed from your lawns with our expert techniques, such as mosquito spraying and perimeter control. We’ll give your lawn the care to be healthy and look better than ever before.

Professional Lawn Care Services in St. Charles, MO

Our Services

Perimeter Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Services in St. Charles, MO

Once pests have found your lawn, it’s hard to take them away from their chosen spot. With perimeter control, you can prevent pests from entering your lawn and starting trouble.

Mosquito Spraying

Professional Mosquito Control Services in St. Charles, MO

Have you found that mosquitos have made a home in your yard and are causing trouble? We’ll spray your lawn to safely keep the bugs away and allow you to enjoy your lawn mosquito free.

Lawn Fertilization

Professional Lawn Fertilization Company in St. Charles, MO

Your lawn sometimes can’t get the nutrients it needs to stay thick and green. With our fertilizers, we’ll treat your lawn to give it healthier and lusher grass.

Grub & Insect Control

Professional Grub Control Services in St. Charles, MO

There’s nothing that keeps you from enjoying your lawn more than grubs, ticks, and insects all over. If you have an issue, we’ll treat your lawn to let you get back to enjoying it.

Our 7 Step Fertilization / Weed Control Program

At New Leaf Lawn & Landscape, we have been servicing the St. Charles area for years, all season long. We provide our clients with the best possible care year-round. To the right, you can see the in-depth, 7-step fertilization program we can employ to return your lawn to its former glory. We care for your lawn in more ways than a typical application. Contact us today for a 7-step program to fertilize your lawn, control your weeds, and prevent grubs and pests!

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