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About Our Landscaping Services

Sometimes, long stretches of green lawns can look a little unnerving or uninviting. Landscaping work can give your yard personality, allowing it to shine out with how details are broken up. New Leaf knows how to provide all of your landscaping service needs! We’ll design a beautiful landscape for you, and install and maintain it to keep it pristine.

Whatever you think would improve your landscape, whether flower beds, tree trimming or removal, or mulch and sod installation, we can provide it! Let us shape the perfect landscape for you to help create the property of your dreams!

Landscaping Specialists in St. Charles, MO

Our Landscaping Services

Landscape Design

Professional Landscape Design Services in St. Charles, MO
It’s hard to pick a starting point for landscaping something new. We’ll design a landscape that suits your property perfectly to give a good starting point for installation.

Flower Bed Design

Professional Flower Bed Design Services in St. Charles, MO

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like flowers, and they can add a lot to your landscape. We’ll design and plant flowers in beautiful patterns for your lawn.

Mulch Installation

Professional Mulch Installation Services in St. Charles, MO

Mulch is useful for your flower beds or areas around trees to keep weeds away and ensure the area stays neat. We’ll lay mulch to tidy these areas up.

Tree Removal

Professional Tree Removal Services in St. Charles, MO

Sometimes, as trees die or become infected, they can hurt your lawn and become an eyesore for your landscape. We’ll remove trees so they don’t become a problem for your lawn!

Stump Removal

Professional Tree Stump Removal Services in St. Charles, MO

The lone unintentional stump is a common problem that stains your landscape. You’d be surprised how many landscapers don’t offer to remove tree stumps — luckily, we do!

Sod Installation

Expert Sod Installation Company in St. Charles, MO

When your grass is yellowing and dying, seeding can sometimes not take root fast enough. Sewing sod will allow you to return your lawn to it’s thick and green state quickly!

Landscaping with New Leaf

From working in the St. Charles area since 2006, we at New Leaf have experience with landscapes of all shapes, sizes, and priorities. We know to ask you right away about what you’re looking for in your landscaping project and prioritize suiting your needs in the project. We promise to use our expertise and the best materials available to grant you incredible results. For landscapers that will care for your lawn, you can count on us at New Leaf Lawn & Landscape!
Professional Landscape Company in St. Charles, MO

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