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About Our Commercial Maintenance Services

Your business needs just as much lawn maintenance or landscaping work, if not more, than your own lawn. Tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people are guaranteed to visit your business every day, and they will notice if it starts to fall into disrepair. Your lawn deserves to be treated as professionally as your company.

New Leaf will extend their years of professional experience to your business in order to manage your lawns and design and install your landscapes. Whether you need a regular mowing routine, landscaping installations, or unique lawn care services, we have the know-how to keep your landscape healthier and more pleasant to look at for your visitors, clients, and employees.

Landscaping Services in St. Charles, MO

Our Commercial Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing

Commercial Lawn Mowing Services in St. Charles, MO

Your business’s property likely has too much grass for you to mow — while doing your job, that is! We’ll mow your lawn on schedule to keep it looking well-maintained.

Tree & Shrub Prunning

Professional Shrub Pruning Maintenance in St. Charles, MO

Tree branches and hedges in parking lots or around your property look beautiful, but always need some trimming every so often. We’ll keep your landscape looking tidy and enjoyable!

Tree Trimming

Commercial Tree Trimming Services in St. Charles, MO

Are your branches starting to scrape against the building, or get in the way of walkways? This isn’t good for you or your trees, so we’ll trim branches for you to keep things in line.

Lawn Aeration

Professional Commercial Lawn Aeration Services in St. Charles, MO

With all of the soil on the lawns of your business, constant walking or weather can compact your soil, leaving clumps that cut off air to your grass and make it look patchy. Aeration lets us pull out those clumps and improve your lawn’s health!

Landscape Enhancements

Commercial Lawn Edging Services in St. Charles, MO

From organized beds of flowers to uniquely shaped shrubs, adding to your landscape helps it stand out for the better. We’ll enhance your landscape through our professional design and installation.

Seasonal Cleanups

Commercial Seasonal Cleanup Services in St. Charles, MO

Are there leaves all over your parking lot? Branches and spring overgrowth getting in the way? We’ll remove these nuisances to keep seasonal extras off your property.

Our Commercial Maintenance Program

With our service around St. Charles, MO area since 2006, we are familiar with a lot of different businesses. We understand that you want people to respect your business just like we want people to respect ours. Your trust in us maintaining your lawn is also trust we will help your property look as professional as you. We know you might have very different expectations or needs from others, and we promise to work with you to learn your needs and make sure your service is always exactly what you would do yourself. By letting New Leaf maintain your commercial landscape, you’ve put your trust in the right place.

Commercial Maintenance Services in St Charles, MO

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